New & Young Worker Safety Training

Teaching Teens Workplace Safety

We believe that work is important education outside of school.  It allows confidence to be built with all of our kids, who will be our future workforce.  

As parents, we invest a lot of ourselves into our kids' education but what about their safety at work?  

At Safe To Work we are excited to offer this unique program for young workers that helps to prepare teens for work.  We help your kids build a more attractive first resume and provide them with health and safety training that all employers require under law.  This is their head start!

Onsite New and Young Worker Training

Employers, Co-op, and Trade Schools!  Have your students/young workers be better hires by covering or supplementing safety training areas in your programs/workplace.  

Program customization is available.  


For registration in our March Break and Summer Programs


Safe To Work is a program developed by  Leon Matrosov, CRSP, OHS & WSIB Consultant with Workplace Safety & Wellness Solutions.