Lockout Tagout Training

LOTO program and training

In conformance with CSA Z460-13 (R2018).

Our onsite program includes:

LOTO Audit 

  • To review existing company LOTO policies and procedures.

Worker Training 

  • General Regulation 851 requirements will be reviewed along with CSA-Z460 principles. 

Supervisor Training 

  • Supervisors are those that oversee and instruct staff.  A review of at least one company-specific LOTO procedure is required and can be arranged on the shop floor. The extra learning objective will address coaching on LOTO procedures.

A company certificate of group training completion will be provided, as well as sign-in sheets, participant handouts, and marked quizzes for record retention. Electronic templates will also be made available.  

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For customized training and program development, contact our OHS Consultant and Trainer.

Respiratory Protection Program

Respiratory Protection Program and Training

As of June 2019 there have been changes to Ontario's Regulation  833: CONTROL OF EXPOSURE TO BIOLOGICAL OR CHEMICAL AGENTS and related  Regulation 490/09: DESIGNATED SUBSTANCES.  

Companies are required to have a respiratory protection program and where applicable, medical surveillance program, i.e. X-rays and lung function testing.   The program should ensure that employees are able to safely wear fitted respiratory protection, with a clear rationale for the selection process.

The steps are:


Audit and Needs Assessment*

Equipment is obtained

Fit testing is done**

Training completed

Hazards and equipment use are addressed, specific to the organization.


Workplace Safety & Wellness Solutions can provide a service to train, fit test, and supply required equipment in 1 day for up to approximately 80 people for a single respirator.

*In some cases additional Industrial Hygienist assessment may be required.

**Workplace Safety & Wellness Solutions does only quantitative fit testing for the highest level of accuracy.


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