Highly professional

Our consultants are Registered Occupational Therapists and Canadian Registered Safety Professionals.  We are dedicated professionals with over 20 years of experience in the areas of disability management, occupational health, safety, and wellness.  

Focused on Health & Safety and Return-to-Work

We provide customized Health & Safety training and consulting services for your organization.

Our rehabilitation and disability management consultants use a strengths-based approach to identify the existing strengths, capabilities and resources of the worker and the workplace.  We use a holistic perspective to promote health, well-being and a just and inclusive work environment.

Making a difference

We help our clients across the Greater Toronto Area, Simcoe Region, Central Ontario, Hamilton and Niagara Area, to develop and achieve a safe and successful return to work. 

Outcome driven

We help our clients to design cost-effective and customized Health & Safety and Return-to-Work Solutions for your workplace and business.   Our focus is to find the best solutions for making your health& safety and return-to-work programs a success.